Don’t lose focus – Pastor Kwadjo Obeng(Travelling secretary, Greater Accra Sector)

6th October 2019, Pensa -Atu celebrated freshmen of Pensa which was climax by the travelling secretary, Pastor Kwadjo Obeng. On that ,he spoke on the topic “Dont lose focus“, at topic. From the theme “increasing in Stature, wisdom and favour”. Before you can increase in Stature, wisdom and favour you have to be focused.
Losing focus can take you a long time to reach your destination,he said. He again advised the youth to work hard, and not to follow material things. Hard work does not kill. Two things can make man lose focus; when you start living a good life and when you start struggling in life.
Set spiritual and academic goals for yourself and be balanced in life;don’t be over spiritual or over serious in academics. Do not be distracted in life and seek God first in everything we do,If we don’t want to lose focus.
He concluded by asking young people to build the faith in Christ, and ask for knowledge wisdom, if they lack it ( James 1:5)
You get great things when you remain focused in life.


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