BEWARE HOW YOU DO IT -Elder Desmond Addison At Freshers’ Week Climax

Elder Desmond Addison (Former Evangelism Sec – 2004 Pensa Apoly) urges Freshers and Continuing Students to “BEWARE HOW THEY DO IT” on campus during the climax of the week long activities Freshly Admitted Students into the University which started on 17th – 23rd September,2018.


Scriptures: Matthew 7:24

Considerable Points :
Foundation is a strong and stable base of a building.
Depending on the type of soil determines the foundation to construct
Some of most Christians build their life’s on human theology, philosophies,money etc forgetting the solid foundation(Jesus Christ).
Don’t be in a rush to build a super structure. Laid a foundation for yourself.

Purpose of the Foundation
Your foundation will determine the size of your house.

It takes time to go down. Be concerned about the foundation you lay with your today to forgo future inconveniences.

When your foundation is good you rest upon the Lord you don’t struggle

Majority of us build on the sand. So easy, void of hardworking example gambling(betway),prostitution etc

Building on the sand has little efforts and breeds instant results

The tribulations awaits those who build their houses on sand.
And that the wind came and the storm came to brew them off.

Two People exist on the face of God.
1. One that builds his house on a solid rock.
2. One that builds his house on the Sand.

How to build a strong foundation
1.Invest time in your foundation. To build a strong foundation is to go deep.

2. Self denial of worldly pleasures

3.Take self righteousness. Involving sacrificing the flesh.

The laying of your foundation begins right on campus. The stronger you build it determines how far you gets to and vice versa

Materials for foundation
_To be continue……….._on the next visit.

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