The Carnal Christian -BY ELDER JOSHUA DAITEY

We should Make A difference,we should be the light where there is darkness.Elder Joshua Daitey(Pensa ATU Alumni Organizer) stated At PENSA ATU lord’s Supper  Sunday Service On 3rd March,2019.

Speaking on the topic A Carnal Christian(1 Corinthians 3:1-8),He urge the entire Congregation to be Spirit fill Christians as it is the way only to attain growth and maturity in Christ Jesus. A Christian Living In his/her carnality is to destruction,he aired out.

A Carnal Christian is a person whose existence is purposed on satisfying Flesh with mundane things example sexual pleasures etc.

Characteristics of A CARNAL CHRISTIAN
1.Do not have the capacity to be subjected to the Flesh
2.May have accepted the gift of salvation but are not sanctified by the spirit of the Holy Spirit.
3.Might have accepted Jesus but the spirit is not awakened.

4.Is not willing to give his body as a living sacrifice
5.They live in the life of the Flesh.
6.Nothing strikes them to repent.

Characteristics of A SPIRIT LED CHRISTIAN.
1.Exhibit the fruit of the Spirit
2.Spirit led Christian will not remain canal
3.They will grow and mature because of the Glory of God
4.When a true Christian falls, there’s a knock for him to rise.

Concluding Elder Joshua, charged the entire membership of PENSA ATU to live not in the carnality of their intellectualism but in the filling of Holy Spirit to change  ATU campus for God.


Report by: Efya

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